Our mission? Crafting stories

At Nerdy Makers, we are passionate about creating content.

We help our clients grow their company by building content, stories and products.
Our approach combines innovative user acquisition and brand building tactics,
with a deep understanding of social media.

We create strategies, then craft good content with the right artwork and copy.

Since its creation in 2015, our team has helped very different kinds of companies
establish their brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

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This is what we do for our clients

Our team uses its very diversified skillset to find the best way
to help our client craft their own narrative and spread it online.

We also build our own tools and products.. when we have the time :)

  • Expertise & Consulting

    Need a hand rethinking your marketing and/or social media approach?
    Our team knows a lot about every social media channel and ways your can use them to tell your company's story.

  • Micro content

    That's our speciality! Short video clips, images that can be shared or a clever short copy. We can create some pieces for you to distribute on social media.

  • Social channel management

    Need help with community management? Let us handle it for you. After deciding together on the best approach for your company, we take over to do the social media work for you.

  • Workshops

    This year, we are planning on organizing a few workshops in Sweden. If you want your team to level up on social media, reach out to book a ticket for the next session.

  • Campaigns

    If you are about to launch a new product or make a big announcement, a dedicated campaign is probably the right way to structure the communication.

  • Side-product marketing

    An original way to gain exposure for your product can be to create a side-product. We can help you with that! From finding the right idea to building part or all of said product.

A few examples of our work

Bellow are some artworks, projects & campaigns we've created for clients.
Want to see more? Get in touch :)

What's your favorite code editor?

For our friends at 46elks, we imagined and created this campaign leveraging a survey they conducted during a hackathon.

The pieces got great tractions as they were distributed on social media (Facebook / Twitter) and in some specific developer groups.

The piece on the right is a follow-up that we created in 2016.

Signup! Celebrate small victories πŸŽ‰

Do you celebrate small victories? Probably not often enough! We came up with this idea, built the frontend and promoted it on social media for 46elks.

It has been a massive success on Product Hunt and helped putting the spotlight on the SMS API provided by 46elks.

Check Signup! at this address: www.signupcelebration.com

Tech coworking space, in the center of Uppsala πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

We work very closely with Uppsala Tech Community. In fact, we were in charge of the whole branding. From the name, to the logo.

The Uppdate: a digital and print magazine

Our team was in charge of the whole project: create a magazine made by and for the tech community of Uppsala.

You can read the first issue at this address: www.theuppdate.com